Harmoni Cafe and Resto Is Back to Harmony in Their 12th Anniversary #KembaliHa12moni

Harmoni Cafe and Resto celebrated their 12th anniversary and brought the theme of #KembaliHa12moni. The anniversary was held for 3 days, from July 28 to July 30. Harmoni Cafe and Resto carried tempoe doeloe vibes with traditional menus and performances. 

On July 28, there was “Kamis Bersama Harmoni” with a special live music by STJ Orchestra. UMKM Gethuk Lumer, UMKM Klepon Cleopatra, and UMKM Es Puter Sam Glendoh also jazzed up the first day of the event. Meanwhile on July 29, Harmoni Cafe and Resto conducted a pottery class with @matahaticeramics, and some UMKM also brightened the event, such as UMKM Gethuk Lumer, UMKM Klepon Cleopatra, and UMKM Es Coklat Lima Waktu. 

The peak was on July 30 when the event started at 6 p.m and followed by speeches and Potong Tumpeng. Ever since we went into the resto, many UMKM welcomed us with their best menus, like Leker from Kue Leker LA, Martabak by Martabak Cilik Mbak Siti, Ketan Bubuk by Ketan Bubuk Pojok Jagalan, and Lumpur Kentang by Lumpur Kentang 27. 

After Potong Tumpeng, the event was refreshed by a series of performances from Naked Miles Band and Ludruk by Teater Konsadra. Harmoni Cafe and Resto also gave vouchers to some invitees after they catwalked in a mini fashion show and danced to a koplo music. 

Agus Herianto, the Head of Harmoni Cafe and Resto, stated that in their 12 years, they intended to show that Harmoni Cafe and Resto was classic yet modern. It was portrayed in their flooring and menus. They also wanted to keep inviting the SMEs (UMKM) to participate in their events. 

In addition, he added that the theme of #KembaliHa12moni showed that they wanted to invite the customers to come, enjoying the harmony in Harmoni Cafe and Resto. It was also in line with his wish for Harmoni Cafe and Resto to always give the best service, the best traditional menu bringing nostalgia, and to bring renewal. 


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