Joan Wanted to Love Deeper in “don’t wanna be your friend”

Joan, the pop alt duo released a fantastic single and MV titled “don’t want to be your friend” on October 11 via Photo Finish Records, the first track on their forthcoming debut album is this single

After the band returned from their greatest headline tour, “don’t wanna be your friend” was written. “don’t wanna be your friend,” a song they co-wrote with their friend Jon Capeci of the band Nightly, is about the sensation of falling in love but not with the proper person but wanting to go deeper.

“don’t wanna be your friend” has glistening, vibrant synths with electronic undertones that are perfect for singing along to. It’s a catchy pop song that encourages us to advance. ( The song video portrays Joan’s fun and silly side, complete with an extraterrestrial invasion.


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