Nadhif Basalamah Returns with New Single “Tiba-Tiba Jumat Lagi”

Bingkai KaryaNadhif Basalamah, a singer-songwriter who has been active since 2018, is back with his new single, “Tiba-Tiba Jumat Lagi”. The song is about the feeling of emptiness that comes with feeling like every day is the same. The lyrics describe the monotony of everyday life, and how it can be easy to lose track of time.

“All of my songs are personal,” said Nadhif. “But ‘Tiba-Tiba Jumat Lagi’ is especially personal because it’s a reminder to me of all that has happened in my life. It’s a reminder of a time when I didn’t feel like my days had any meaning, and it led me to take a step back and find peace.”

With this new single, Nadhif is trying to express a feeling of unease that is common among young adults. The song is an important part of his work, and it reflects his journey since the beginning of 2022. Nadhif wants to convey the message that what is seen externally often does not accurately reflect the internal struggles and emotions of a person.

“It was a challenge for me to sing this song honestly,” said Nadhif. “Because it’s a song about something that is general, but also complex and dynamic. But it also offers a new color for me in songwriting.”

On “Tiba-Tiba Jumat Lagi”, Nadhif worked with Petra Sihombing as a producer and Gamaliél as a vocal director for the first time. Nadhif and Petra collaborated again on the writing of the new song. The song has a feeling of honesty, and it still has Nadhif’s authentic touch.

Nadhif is known for his calming music and his close connection to the lives of young people. He has received positive feedback for his career, with his songs totaling over 50 million streams. His previous single, “Penjaga Hati”, also made him one of the Top 5 Radar Artists of the Year on Spotify Indonesia. 2023 can be said to be a turning point in his music career, as he received more appreciation from music listeners for his work. This has led Nadhif to continue to explore different themes in his future work.

With the release of “Tiba-Tiba Jumat Lagi”, Nadhif hopes that his new work will be accepted by a wider audience. He also hopes that the song will be a companion for his listeners on their journey, and that it will help everyone to appreciate time more. The single is available to stream on all digital streaming platforms (DSPs) since January 26, 2024.


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