OKAAY Encourage Us to be Stronger in “Together We Are Okaay”

Okin and Kaay released new debut album “Together We Are Okaay” after releasing debut singles titled ‘Lupa Nama Lupa Rasa’ and ‘Peneman Malam Sepi’. The album consisted of 9 songs: ‘Godspeed’, ‘Antara’, ‘LDR’, ‘Racun’, ‘So Bad’, ‘Tetap Satu’, ‘Lupa Nama Ingat Rasa’, ‘Peneman Malam Sepi’, and ‘Sayang’.  Together We are Okay provides a variety of vibes. 

Okaay chose the title for this debut album based on the philosophy of the duo’s formation. “We both have the same background, coming from the bottom and trying to climb to the top and finally, we succeeded even though life is hard, “said Okin. “Yes, and if we can, and so can you, that’s why we wrote ‘together we are okay’” continued Kaay.

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“It is true that Okaay is pop music; however, we want to provide a variety of vibes. We want to make pop music in a creative way. (https://www.udenar.edu.co/) ” Okin explains. This album is an extraordinary project involving some big names, such as Rinaldy Vidianza, Agung Munthe, Dimas Pradipta, Ramadhan Handy, Niko Al-Hakim, Bagus Aditya Nugroho, Mohammed Kamga, Ari Renaldy, and Laleilmanino in the process of making “Together We Are Okay”.  

“We put so much hard work in it. So, your appreciation means a lot to us. And like the previous OKAAY single, hopefully, this album can be your medium to represent your feelings,” concluded Okin. “Together We Are Okaay” is available on every streaming platform in Indonesia. 


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