Pee Wee Gaskins & Marzano Helmet Present A Marvelous Collaboration

Pee Wee Gaskins gave their fans a surprise through their collaboration with Marzano Helmet. Pee Wee Gaskins and Marzano Helmet launched a super cool helmet for the 1st time. There are 2 colors provided: Classic Black and Retro Red which are limited stocks.

Marzano Helmet is a local helmet manufacturer and brand with SNI standards carrying the tagline ‘GUE BANGET’. Marzano is one of the helmet manufacturers that can custom design based on the wishes of consumers. Using very good materials, Marzano provides safety and comfort and certainly looks cool when wearing it on the road.

“When there was an invitation for this collaboration, we surely were very happy since Pee Wee Gaskins teams also like motorbikes riding,” said Aldy, the drummer, about this collaboration.

For the Classic Black series, this helmet is made of basic materials using ABS, list chrome and vent chrome. The back buttons are made of original leather. For the interior, it uses soft and comfortable foam which can be disassembled so that it’s easier to wash. Most importantly, the quality of this helmet is in accordance with the Indonesian National Standard (SNI).

In terms of design, it can be fairly simple yet looks elegant with a white line silhouette that surrounds it and Pee Wee Gaskins font on the sides and front. Not only that, on the back side, there is a heart logo displayed. So, when you wear it on the street, the visual design can already be seen from a distance.

Meanwhile, for the Retro Red, the materials and technology used are the same as the Classic Black series. The design is very interesting, because it takes a retro silhouette where the color is white as the base with red color in some parts. What makes it even more unique, this Retro Red helmet collection has an old artwork design from Pee Wee Gaskins next to the helmet. 

“The retro red design is a kind of throwback or recall of Pee Wee Gaskins’ early iconic artwork,” said Dochi about the design.

The design shown is indeed Pee Wee Gaskins’ old artwork in the early days of their career. In fact, on the back there is also an iconic quote from them, “if pop punk was too loud, then you are too old”.

“This red helmet is indeed a recall of the old Pee Wee Gaskins design which symbolizes Dorks (Pee Wee Gaskins’ fans), and there is a quote that does explain what it means,” said Aldy.

For the price of these helmets, it costs IDR 385,000. For those who want to buy it, you can get it directly at Universal Music Indonesia’s Tokopedia and Shopee account and Marzano’s Tokopedia account. You can also come directly to Marzano’s offline store on RC Veteran Raya Street No 29C Pesanggrahan, Bintaro, South Jakarta.


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