Fadhilah Intan Debuted with A Broken Heart Song “Siapa Dia”

Fadhilah Intan debuted with Melly Goeslaw’s single “Siapa Dia”, after being noticed by the diva covering her song “Denting”. “Siapa Dia” was written by Melly Goeslaw and arranged by Anto Hoed. “Siapa Dia” is about a couple (Fadhilah and Tommy Girardi) whom Tommy cheated on Fadhilah with Risabella Miranda which she did not know that Tommy had a relationship with Fadhilah. 

“Siapa Dia” became Fadhilah’s first masterpiece. “The first time Melly sent the song to me, I immediately loved the song even though it was still a demo. I think the lyrics and the notes are light but deep. The note is also unique. Insya Allah, I believe that this song can accompany overthinking and sad listeners out there hehehe,” said Fadhilah. 

Fadhilah Intan met Melly Goeslaw after her cover song of Melly’s, “Denting” was noticed by Melly Goeslaw. The cover song also got fantastic viewers and recognition. Since that moment, Fadhilah often keeps in touch with Melly Goeslaw and now has a collaboration on her debut single. Fadhilah Intan started her singing career by covering songs on YouTube in 2016.


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