Natasha Udu Told about Money Isn’t Everything in “MAMONEY”

Natasha Udu released her 2nd single entitled “MAMONEY” on October 12, 2022. After working on and promoting Selamat Datang di Ujung Dunia, her 1st album with Lomba Sihir, finally Natasha Udu can focus again on her solo work through “MAMONEY” which tells the story about the complexity of her life that is always dependent on money.

“Ever since I was little, I found that money makes people around me happy and want to treat me with fairness. Until I grow up, everything I do feels like the goal is for money. So, through this song, I want to reprimand people that don’t let your life run out to think about things that shouldn’t be pursued too much,” Said Natasha Udu.

Although there is a serious message behind “MAMONEY”, Natasha Udu chose to wrap it up in fast-paced pop music with the cheerfulness that showed her characteristics. “I want people to remember having fun in the midst of the hustle in this world,” she said. Yellow was also chosen as the dominant color for visuals “MAMONEY” because according to Udu, “Yellow means happy, positive, and optimistic. But, it also means lies and warnings.

The writing and recording process was done by Enrico Octaviano, her colleague in Lomba Sihir. Apart from Enrico, Wishnu Ikhsantama W. from Lomba Sihir also participated for recording and editing vocals, Dennis Ferdinand as vocal director, Audi Adrianto who filled in the guitar, Agi Anggadarma who did the mixing, and Gerard Rumintjap who in charge of mastering.

While waiting for another solo work from her, you can find Natasha Udu appeared as the vocalist of Lomba Sihir, Hindia, as well as Mantra Vutura through her awe-inspiring voice and lively movements. She is also a collaborator whose vocals also enrich the recordings of bands like Lightcraft and Rahara.


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