NMIXX Became the Face of LOEWE’s Extraordinary Fashion Style

LOEWE released a new collection with NMIXX for the Spring 2023 collection with close up designs of each member’s faces. With a simple touch and an empty studio layout, it can give an elegant impression.

LOEWE is a luxury fashion brand headquartered in Madrid and owned by the LVMH Group. After successfully recruiting girl group from South Korea “NMIXX” as their global ambassador, LOEWE did amazing photo shoots with their fashion style.

The 7 members wore dresses showing their faces in full size in a simple canvas material. Apparently, this unique design is a design directed by Jonathan Anderson. It got a lot of attention because it was such a new and brilliant idea.

The distinctive face print strappy dress was personalized for every member of the group. Each custom made dress is constructed in technical duchesse satin with a computer generated face print and fine chain straps.

In another collection, NMIXX showed iconic bags, reimagining in fresh hues and new sizes. The Hammock Compact and Puzzle Edge arrive in monochrome colors with tonal hardware while the new mini Puffer Goya puts a playful spin on the tactile shoulder bag.

The dress with a close-up design costs 4.4 million Won or around IDR 52 million. Are you interested in buying it?


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