If You Feel Anxious On Weekend, Maybe You Got Sunday Night Blues

For many people, the weekend is the most awaited time because they won’t work on weekends. Weekend time is often used as a time to rest from the fatigue of workday activities and we are also free to do what activities on weekends. However, there is a condition when we feel anxious on weekends, especially on Sunday. This condition is known as the “Sunday Night Blues”.

Sunday Night Blues is interpreted as a feeling of fear, anxiety, and sadness for someone on Sunday afternoon or evening. It is also known as Sunday Night Depression which psychologists classify as situational depression.

There are 3 causes for the occurrence of Sunday Night Blues. Firstly, instead of resting and enjoying the weekend off, someone is actually finishing abandoned work. Secondly, regretting the way you spent your weekends and wishing you could do more. Lastly, fear because of the pressure that will be faced during the next five days. (Alprazolam)

However, don’t worry because here are several ways to deal with Sunday Night Blues:

  1. Schedule fun activities. 

Before the weekend comes, we can start thinking about fun activities to do. Try planning fun activities that aren’t too overwhelming, like going to the movies and spending time outside alone or with friends.

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  1. Cut off contact about work over the weekend

After working hours on Friday end, we can cut off contact related to work. If there are more funds, buy two different cell phones to separate personal and work activities.

  1. Apply mindfulness techniques.

This technique helps us to live without having to worry about things that will happen in the future. The reason is that these things are not certain to happen and the bad possibility only comes from our minds.


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